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Typing work from home in lucknow without investment

typing work from home in lucknow without investment

Lucknow is inevitably going to be longer as he's buried there typing work from home in lucknow without investment and Constantia was his house. The hard military, domestic and hospital duty that the boys had to do soon wore out what they were dressed. Galf 12:11, (UTC) have. History of La Martiniere should be done more carefully. The original article was all copied and pasted from an Indian website and had to be redone from scratch. If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool.

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The prose is clear and concise, and the spelling and grammar are correct. Notable Alumni list should not be reduced. Dahliarose 14:43, (UTC) Changes and balance edit There's been a welcome flurry of activity on the article in the last week, but as a result it's been difficult to keep track of all the changes. The La Martiniere article has certainly come a long way in the last month. Twenty Years 12:36, 11 September 2007 (UTC) I've now had a better idea and have taken up one of the earlier suggestions and put the song on Wikisource. On 15th January 1858, the college was temporarily shifted in two large bungalows at Benares, and continued to be there till March 1859. It is part of the estate of La st of the inhabitants are descended from the original servants and retainers of Claude has traditionally supplied the class IV staff to the college. There is still much more which could be added. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information.

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The siege of Lucknow began on 30th June and continued till 19th November. I think it might now be a suitable time for us to get a peer review to get the opinions of a few other independent editors. Could people please leave a note about major changes on the talk page and give their reasons for making such changes. Tell me exactly hat you want me to check out on " Education in Lucknow" moon 05:01, (UTC) Education in Lucknow edit OK no techie stuff. Some of the recent additions may be embaressing as there are links but they do not imply notability (some say these people are unnotable). Here in the States we have at least 2 schools that have been awarded battle honors by the United States Army; Florida State University and The Citadel, both for service during the American Civil War. There is already an existing article for. I agree 03:06, (UTC) Martin's burial edit I'm still somewhat confused about Martin's burial. One typing work from home in lucknow without investment is the school commenting on the villages encroachment and the other is the golf story. As far as I understand it the award is made by the Queen, and has nothing to do with the Ministry of Defence. The Founders tomb had been broken open and his bones scattered, apparently in the mistaken belief of finding a treasure.

The interpretation of history is personal opinion. The History of the Boy's and Girl's Schools also need to reduced and merged. The clever thing is that typing work from home in lucknow without investment when you save the template it updates every instance where that template occurs. Thank you for the fascinating extract from Chandan Mitra's book. I've copied and pasted the material below so that it is not lost. L0b0t ( talk ) 11:40, (UTC) The honour is however unique for a school (in the English sense of the word) and I think this is an important point to be made in the article. Can I encourage the new editors to get themselves an account so their contributions are signed. I have not cheated the people who have passively succumbed to the yoke of corrupt men. I think this is one of the last remaining pieces from the old article. Please comment (either way) on what you see happening Victuallers 16:44, (UTC) School Prayer in La Martiniere edit The school prayer that has been uploaded is the wrong one. Maybe a minimal stub, but. Moon 13:44, (UTC) I've added the daroga to the article.

Lucknow - April 2019

Trivia sections are usually frowned upon in Wikipedia articles, and it is normally suggested that the material should be incorporated in the main text. The words of the song are really only of interest to people who went to the school, and very boring for everyone else! I find it a sore thumb in an otherwise balanced article. I am seeing some great additions but some odd deletions. It contains no original research. La Martinière College, Lucknow for the boys and La Martinière Girls' College, Lucknow for the girls? Does it have the right categories of schools and the right schools in it? I'm going to expand the section on literature as I've found some more sources. The little village, Martin Parwa, sounds really interesting, and probably ought to have an article in its own right. Any news on photos? C, this article has been rated. So lets" the stuff that shows its unfair. We also need references to prove that they taught at the school and to indicate their notability.

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You can't disguise the fact that the murder happened and hit the front pages at the time. Body Massage Center and Spa in Mahanagar is very popular here. By adding it back to the article, you could be seen as being disruptive to the wikipedia project, and blocked from editing for a period of time. Does it mean that if, for instance, we have a Claude Martin history template and a Martiniere traditions template, they would have to go in a box rather than be incorporated into the main article? Rahul ( talk ) 08:00, (UTC) Rahul is quite right. We have to show all the views.

If we could find the template that contains it then every page on Wikipedia tomorrow could say "Coca Cola" instead. All the staircases were built up and all doors leading to the central staircase excepting one filled up with bricks. The comments may be irrelevant or outdated; if so, please feel free to remove this section. Now that you've contributed so much more material about the girls' school I wonder if that might now be the best thing. People commenced moving to the Residency for protection in the third week of May but schilling remained in Constantia with his boys. See how other schools include infoboxes and limit the size of pictures (and then include more). The Murder should be part of the history section and be put in its correct historical and not hysterical perspective. I'm sure the sources exist but they might not all be in the English language. La Martiniere featured as a did you know on the front page and the La Martiniere DYK is now one of the revolving DYKs featured at Portal:Schools. Victuallers 07:22, (UTC) How do we go about creating these templates? Dahliarose ( talk ) 10:00, (UTC) I would suggest something like: "La Martiniere is one of only two educational institutions in the British Empire to be awarded battle honors by the Ministry of Defense; the other being Canada's McGill.

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This is not a stub. To do all this only a few coolies could be obtained, but the masters and boys worked hard and the whole exercise was accomplished in 3 or 4 days. Claude Martin is an intriguing personality and his article really could do with a lot of work. Then when we want to make a change about whether the motto was named after his lost love or not then it can be done in one edit. We want to get this article to good article status and there are specific criteria which we have to meet. As it is much crowded by the visitors, the demand for. It had Georgian colonnades with the loopholes and turrets of a medieval castle; Palladian arcades rise to Mughal copulas. In fact one of the bagpipers was called Pipe Major Jafarson MacHusain, in jest. Hodson seems 50 hero and 50 ruthless amoral soldier Victuallers 16:39, (UTC) I have nominated Template:La Martiniere Song (appears on this page) for deletion, you can see the debate here. The article does however make clear in the introduction that the school only caters for children up to the age of 18, and the article is written in British English.

Welcome to the Club! Lucknow and related articles on Wikipedia. My own thoughts are as follows: - Martin built the Constantia both as a memorial to his "Constance" and his "Constancy". Is there some sources for this? Finally, it is beneficial to have more non-US and UK school articles be given top importance to give more balance to the assessment system. This article is within the scope.

Data Entry, lucknow, jobs - Mitula Jobs

Simlai Nelson Maclure Alan Baker Victor Rayner Frank deSouza Benny Fernandes. There are numerous sources on Google Books (including a snippet of the Chandan Mitra book) but unfortunately none of the books needed to expand the article further have yet been digitised or, if they have, they are not freely available. Dahliarose ( talk ) 21:37, (UTC) My apologies, the differing usages of "school" seem to be the confusion. Note that typing work from home in lucknow without investment any fair use images uploaded after 4 May, 2006, and lacking such an explanation will be deleted one week after they have been uploaded, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. I had some discussions about the inclusion of the school song on Aquinas College, Perth (before we worked out it was a copyvio and we came to the conclusion that, although the song could be backed up. The caddies turned pro golfers are not unique to Luckno. Given that this is not the 1st time that the wording of the article has caused confusion, as you point out above, and as Lucknow is not the only educational institution to be awarded a battle honor, the wording really should be changed.

People without sources who look unlikely to be notable enough to warrant their own Wikipedia article should probably be deleted. The older typing work from home in lucknow without investment boys were armed and assigned sentry duty on top of the building during the day while night duty was assigned to the masters. I can't believe he doesn't have one already. Some other Indian cities have also seen this happen. Please fix the same and subject it to GAN later. The link could either be to the Rowe article or to the relevant section within the article. Mid, this article has been rated. Regards moon 05:01, (UTC) Glad you like. Should we add the Lucknow university colleges? We could perhaps have a holding list of alumni on the talk page awaiting references. Oh and I removed Cliff Richard off the main page as the evidence seems dubious. I would request both of you to consider me as also a joint and passionate collaborator in the project.